Our Family Together

Our Family Together
Here we are in Myrtle Beach!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sabrina's Birthday

We are at Beggar's Pizza to celebrate Sabrina's 12th Birthday...Sabrina was pretty upset with me because I had to work on her Birthday so we planned a last minute get together with family and close friends...many friends and family couldn't make it being such short notice. I was a nice time together and Sabrina got her ice cream cake she wanted (of which I purchased at midnight the night before after work-good thing for 24 hour Dunkin Donut/Baskin Robbins stores near by!)....maybe better planning next time :) Sabrina, Armaan, Priya, Skylar and Grace just waiting for some yummy ice cream cake!
Yummmm..........nothing like piping hot pizza!
A nice warm Columbia sweater and stylish necklace from Grandpa and Grandma....Thanks Tish says Thanks Grandma too!!!!
Auntie Suzanne, Uncle Steve and Gracie bought Sabrina more jewelry and a Casting Crowns CD of which Sabrina really enjoys...Thank you!!! Eddie, Kim and Zack is always sure to please with cute and stylish threads as well as accessories to match...as you see below Kim doesn't get to shop for cute things very often...Zachary isn't into cute threads! Sorry Kim you'll just have to keep buying for all of us that have girly girls! Thank you so much!
Zachary would like you to believe he is too cool for girls cousin birthday parties but he is actually having a blast!! haha...
Eddie hangin' with Stephanie...Sabrina and Nicole...Nicole has been a life-saver these last few days, she has come thru for us in babysitting a few times! Though just to make things clear the babysitting is NOT for Sabrina though, of course...she doesn't need a babysitter! Stephanie and Skylar are the babies here! hahaha

After the get-together Nicole treated Sabrina out to a very special girls day out that ended with hot chocolate at one of the guys house from the young people at church...this was definitely a day Sabrina will not forget for a long time! She said it was the best hot chocolate ever!! That must be amazing because I make a mean hot chocolate!....Mom's never get the credit they deserve! oh well... Bipin, Tish, Priya and Armaan made it to celebrate with us...never a dull moment with The Sen's around!Armaan is such a sweetie...
Grace is trying to keep up with all the girls running around like chickens without heads! Hey, wait for me....where's Skylar??? Stephanie loves to play with her cousin Gracie, as Skylar takes a little cat nap in Nicoles arms! Or....A rest on the stairs...I hope on of the waiters don't come by with a piping hot pizza!! Skylar get up!

Well that is all for the footage of our extreme birthday partying on October 19, 2008. Peace out, Right Bipin!

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Munster Flood

Disney on Ice

We took the girls to see Disney on Ice at the United Center downtown Chicago in September. Scott was able to get tickets through his company so we decided we would go check it out... We invited Skylar's Best Friend Priya to come along. They both had a good time though at times with all the Disney stuff there has to be a villian and that made the little ones a little nervous. Though they never cried or jumped into our laps the just sat there and stared like what the heck! hehehe!

This is before the show started...we are so excited!hehehe As you see they couldn't keep their eyes off the main floor even for a picture taking moment... Big Sister Sabrina was there too, she enjoyed helping Priya and Skylar and don't tell anyone but she enjoyed the show too!!hehehe.... Yeah, the show has started...there's Mickey and Minnie and Goofy and Donald...WOW this is great...Thanks Dad!We went to get snacks....and $70 later here we are....All Priya wanted was some cotton candy, Skylar wanted Popcorn, Sabrina and Stephanie wanted icys, and Scott and I a second job to pay for it all !!!hahaha So we got all the girls icys that came with a souvineer cup, 1 popcorn bag (big enough for sharing..right??), 1 huge bag of cotton candy (definitley enough for sharing....right???) and Scott picked up a large coke for the two of us to share (I'll let you guess who drank 99% of it). WELL, there wasn't much sharing coming from the 2 littlest ones, they devoured their bags!!! The above photo shows Priya getting at that cotton candy...YUM! IT MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH!!! and in your hands...sticky!
The main theme for this Disney show was the Incredibles. I thought it was more princesses and disney characters. Oh well, we enjoyed it nevertheless!
Here the Incredibles are on there way to a vacation at Disney World...
And here is more of the kids snacking away..... The show is over now and we are full of energy!! Lets go eat some protein quick!!!!
I have never seen Priya smile so big....I wonder why??? I think because she might have ate 99% of that bag of cotton candy. :)'Here are the two cutest 3 years old's in the whole world!!! Like peas in a pod!

Off to McDonalds for a late after the show dinner of Chicken Nuggets and Chocolate Milk!

MORE SUGAR...YIKES!!! Where is the parents in this outing???

Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Stephanie's 8 years old"

This year is Stephanie's turn for a Birthday party so she wanted to have a Hanna Montana themed party with lots of friends. We had lots of crazy dancing, karaeoke, nail polishing, and hair up do's done by yours truely...

Here is our lovely guitar cake complete with flowers saved from Marys Wedding shower (thanks for the extras Verna!)

The sweet and adorable Birthday Girl....she is now 8 years old....

Skylar getting in the picture while sporting the theme of the day...Her very own Hanna Montana shirt.

My friend Annie

My friend Ellie

My friend Lindsey

My friend Ashley

My friend Nicole

My friend Lauren

Sabrina and her friend Abby were very helpful at keeping things on track and seeing that everyone had a great time....Thanks Girls!!!

"Oh my gosh a Miley Cyrus CD"...Totally!!

Looks like Ashley is even more excited than Stephanie...or maybe it the cake and ice cream and kool-aid kicking in!!!

Here is Ellie's new do! Lovely as usual!

Bailey as beautiful as always and especially with that new style!

Ashley doing her thing...you go girl!!

Everyone all done up and ready to party...at home...their home...Bye Bye now!!

We all had a great time playing and putting on shows. We even went out to jump on the trampoline and run some of that sugar off. I on the otherhand was thinking wow am I exausted!

And where's my manicure and hair do....as you see no photos of Mom!